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Start your Project with a Plan

Are you considering  a new home, addition, or remodeling project?  Your mind is probably flooded with images of the perfect home. You try surfing the web but you aren't quite sure if those plans will meet you family's needs. There may be a model home that is close to what you want but not sure if you want to work with the builder. are eager to move forward but you don't know the best way to start your project, so they surf the web for cookie cutter floor plans or they settle for a builder's model that sort meets their needs. It is unfortunate when they discover after construction that their home isn't what they hoped for. They should have taken some time to think through their plans with someone that specializes in residential design.  What is the point of spending all that money if your home doesn't fit?

When you Start your Project with a Plan the objective is to develop your dreams into a design that will match your lifestyle needs and aesthetic tastes. Do you like to wide open entertainment areas or cozy nooks? Where are the views and how is the home going to sit on the lot? How are you going to lay out furniture or what wall will you place pictures? Is the shape and flow of the home harmonious in its design? Are the features to the home complimentary or overstated? I will help you explore how you plan to live in your home and then I will show you what your home will look like in three dimensional splendor! 

If you want your home to be a good fit I recommend you start your project with a plan. Schedule a free initial design consultation with a Residential Designer that has been helping people plan their dreams since 1995. I am based in Waukesha, Wisconsin and specialize in designing homes and additions in the Lake Country area. I frequently serve clients with internet access in Chicago, Milwaukee, and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

Discover the Advantage,

• 3D Computer Software - see what your home will look like before you build.  I often add furniture and landscaping to your design  so you can get the big picture as to how your new home, remodel or addition will look and feel.

• Design Meetings - I can make most changes to your design while we meet. Feel free to include friends, family and contractors in your meetings. What better way to ensure your design is done right! 

• Shared Screen Technology - Many of my clients have recreational homes in the Lake Country area of  southeast Wisconsin, but live elsewhere.  Shared screen technology allows us to meet, discuss and modify your project anywhere in the world. It also can be a big time saver for people with busy schedules.  

- Professional Builders and Contractors, you can meet with your customers privately in your office.  Shared screen technology allows me to be part of the discussion when you are going over revisions to the design. The mute button on your phone can remove me from the conversation when you need to confer financial or other confidential information.

• Building & Construction Experience - Most clients value insight regarding the pro's and con's of their design decisions. My resume includes several advanced degrees and over 20 years of Construction Management experience.  I also have valuable business relationships with many builders, contractors and material suppliers throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha and Walworth counties which can be a significant resource when considering all your different design options.

Seeing and understanding what you propose to build is the critical first step. State of the art technology can be an essential tool in meeting that objective. Communicating those ideas to the people that will be building your dream is the next step. Save time and money by building your home  right  the first time. Discover the advantages of having an experienced  residential designer prepare your plans,  make Beckwith-Design part of your construction team. It’s your dream, your family, and your money. Doesn’t it make sense to Start Your Project With A Plan!

Hello, I'm Scott Beckwith. This picture was taken  when I first started Beckwith-Design, LLC. In 1995 most of the designs I prepared were done on the drafting table you can see to the right. Back then I used to tell people, "it is less expensive to design on paper than do it with bricks and mortar" 
Since then  I have completed well over 400 projects  and the computer technology I now use  is incredible. These days I wouldn't even consider building or remodeling a home unless I first saw it in  3D!

Waukesha based Residential Designer helping people plan their dreams since 1995