Hello, I'm Scott Beckwith.  My hair may be a little grayer  than what it was when I first started Beckwith-Design, LLC. in 1995 .  Over the years I have seen a lot of designers and architects come and go. I believe the primary reason my design studio is still viable is because  I have   a strong commitment  to serve my clients and a passion  for good  design .

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- 30+ years of Construction Management and Design experience
- State of the Art Drafting and Design Services
- Proclamation of Achievement from the Milwaukee Housing Authority

- Designs featured in the Lakeland Builder's Parade of Homes
 -Design featured in the Bayview Parade of Homes

- Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management from M.S.O.E.
- Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management from UW

Design Ideas

Every space is different. Every structure is unique. So are the people that live in them.
My philosophy for developing design ideas is to bring standard building practices into new combinations. I may have to produce a thousand ideas before arriving at the one that  feels like it will be the perfect fit  for your home.  

Three dimensional technology has really helped because it opens the door for clients  to become intimately involved in the design  process. When they see I can make revisions to the design during meeting, ideas can really begin to flow and  take shape.